Century Casino Promo Video for The Century Casino Showroom

Hype handled the design, graphics and photography for The Century Casino for two years. With marketing manager Dan Keene, Hype designed over 100 rock posters, brochures and menus together. This short promotional video was used to advertise their featured shows. Narrated by Layne Mitchell.

Northern Quest Casino

gaga marketing, a baltimore based advertising agency, created and produced this television commercial for the opening of Northern Quest Casino Resort’s new hotel

Diamond Jims Casino Your Luck Starts Here

Missoula Marketing Group came to us with this idea for Diamond Jims. They wanted to show two locations in town that had been recently remodeled while telling a fun story.

Advanced Casino Player Profiling with House Edge Digital

Our technology connects a myriad of data sets and correlates them with your players’ gaming data. You can find out exactly how your online marketing affects your gaming revenue. This is the next generation of casino marketing. www.houseedgedigital.com

New Casino MLM Comp Plan

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